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Celebrating Kelly Hoppen

4 April 2018

Kelly Hoppen. What a big name this woman can be.

Kelly Hoppen is a well-known interior designer based in the United Kingdom, popular for her modern contemporary style and a design that connects with the “subliminal”. She promoted the use of taupe in residential interiors and upheld it as the “perfect color”. She is a designer who took the beauty of simplicity to a higher level.

Kelly Hoppen has, in fact, a rather indirect approach on my own style of design. One of my most respected professional mentors, a woman whose name I shall keep unknown, takes a lot of inspiration from Kelly Hoppen. And I’m pretty sure hundreds of interior designers do the same.

In this article, I’d like to point out Kelly Hoppen’s most admirable qualities in designing interiors and as a beacon of inspiration to many emerging designers in the field. This are as per my own experiences and from my interior designer’s viewpoint but I would also love my audience to share theirs.

The Organic Touch

A lot of artists and designers take inspiration from the perfect divine creation in nature. It is not surprising that a high calibre designer such as Kelly Hoppen may take the same. Nothing defeats the perfection of nature in creating harmony in any type of creation.

Kelly Hoppen designs are known to use organic materials and integrate touches from nature’s elements to compliment the pureness of her designs. The presence of the “perfect simplicity” of the natural textures of ropes, stones and corals brings a suggestion of calm and ease, while the contrast of organic shapes and lines of nature compliments the minimal background that Kelly’s designs present.

Global Influences

In the book, “Kelly Hoppen Style”, Kelly embraces the global trend by again taking the global influence into the subliminal. By taking elements from different countries and incorporating them in the space in full harmony to the whole scheme, Kelly provides a subtle representation of different cultures, which in fact suggests a celebration of traditions, art, culture and global trends.

A Star Piece

While it also delights me to hear when people say that its amazing when they see something beautiful everywhere they look, I’m still a big fan of focal point in any type of of design. This where Kelly’s “Star Piece” makes my heart melt. It declutters the thoughts and focuses the mind on one important item to celebrate, to love and to admire.

A Tableau

I admire Kelly’s idea of treating every space as if it’s a theatre stage. This idea has influenced the way I see every interior design space in all of my projects. This creates more fun and creativity in the design process. Twisting the idea a little bit, I now see an interior design project as an empty canvass with the colors and materials serving as the paint medium. This pushes the limits of design thinking and gives freedom to an interior designer to think outside the box with the sky as the limit.

While I do have high respect and admiration for Kelly Hoppen, I would like to know what you think? Do you like Kelly Hoppen’s style? Let’s discuss!

Celebrating Kelly Hoppen Image from luxdeco.com