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Design tips for Children’s Bedroom

9 August 2018

Design tips for Children’s Bedroom

Kids have various interests and change of personal taste all the time. No doubt, it is fun growing up like this. When it comes to designing their rooms, it quite daunting for the décor to reflect their every-changing taste plus it is would be quite expensive as well. The other important factor in their growth, the room needs to reflect their age as well. So how do you we cope up with all these factors?

Let’s look at a few styles that will let us express a child’s bedroom:

1. Furniture

We need to search for dual-purpose furniture’s in the room so that it grows along with the kid. We love to have theme-based décor and style’s, but they usually tend to wear, and the kids find it boring too after a particular time. A dual type of furniture comes very handy like have a changing table that can change into a desk or a dresser. Similarly, always buy a bed with storage below, which will help store away all the toys and keep the room clean. If two kids are sharing a bedroom, it is good to have two separate beds and treat their spaces differently. Bed, study table, dresser, storage a few things that will always remain constant.

2. Colors

Pick up a few colors and play around with it. Kids bedroom is where we get to be creative and daring with colors. We would need to change the wall colors as they grow for which another option would to go in for all neutral palettes and play around with accent colors in the furniture, upholstery, rugs, cushions creating a stunning bedroom. A fun part is also to paint a portion of the wall in chalkboard paint, where they can spend hours scribbling on it and yes it would be useful in their growing years.

3. Prints and Patterns

Trends show that geometric patterns, elegant stripes, and animal prints always have been the most common finishes in a child’s bedroom. As much as adults love them, they are also part of the children’s favorite things. Make sure the patterns and styles are timeless so that it does not need to change regularly. Also, with a little change in the accessories or furniture, the whole look of the room can vary. Stripes, animal prints, floral, scenery, superheroes, etc. are few of the favorites.

4. Have Fun

Every child has their personality, which they like to explore more. And what better way than to add a piece of them in their rooms. You can create a theme in the corner of the room like a tent, treehouse, library, house setup. They would surely like to spend most of their time there even with their toys in that space. Also, consider placing their hand art in their area framed, they would love it too and will be a piece of memory.

5. Storage

The most important part of a child’s room is the storage space, which every parent stress. It is always good to store all their toys, books, upholstery clothes in their bedroom. Beds with storage are good options, closed storage unit help store and clear away everything in the room. Also, what can work are the cane baskets which will serve them well beyond the age of 8 or 9. A bookshelf is a valuable addition that will stay for a lifetime.

6. Space Around

Depending on the size of the room, it is good to make space for the playtime on the floor. So, it is better to push the bed, and heavy furniture’s towards the wall as it will create quite an open space in the center for the kids to play. Another idea is bunk bed or loft bed. Proper space planning will help here.

7. Ceiling Art

We can create cool artworks on the ceiling like having a glowing ceiling with fluorescent paint, starry nights, lights as stars, superheroes. It gives the children a peaceful feeling in the night, and this would sustain until they are teenagers.

8. Conclusion

When it comes to children, nothing is permanent. They change their choices frequently, so be prepared for their request for change. I hope these tips that grow along with your child can save you time and money, but you never know.