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Decorating on a budget tips

21 February 2021

Decorating on a budget tips

Decorating on a Budget Tips Source: Kelly Nans

Everybody wants a beautiful home, however when it comes to interior design and decorating, budget isn’t always at the forefront of everyone’s mind. It is easy to get carried away with expensive choices such as designer wallpaper and furniture however, having a small or a limited budget doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful home. Affordable interior design is available to everyone and can be easily achieved. Read our latest tips to achieve stylish interior design on a budget.

  • Make an interior design plan
  • Breathe new life into interior design by upcycling
  • Interior Design DIY
  • Transform your interior design with paint
  • Declutter your home like an interior designer
  • Accessorize your interiors

1. Make an interior design plan

Its very easy to get carried away when purchasing items for your interior design project however thinking your design through and planning what you need to complete your design will save you time and money. Cohesive design throughout your home will make your design feel high-end without the need to break the bank. Choose a style and color and then mood board what you want to do with your space before you jump in and spending money. Planning is the key to any successful design, whether keeping to a budget or not. Choose your focal points of each room so you can choose where you want to spend most of your budget. Style will also help you choose what to invest in and what to budget on. For example, minimalist design can be very budget friendly so you may want to spend most of your budget on a wow factor such as a mirror or coffee table.

Source: Pinterest

2. Breathe new life into interior design by upcycling

Reusing and repurposing existing items in your home can help you achieve something unique and cost effective. Anything can be repurposed, whether it’s turning an old t-shirt into a cushion or turning an old wooden table into a white dresser, the more creative you are, the better your upcycled creations will be. Upcycling can also be done to secondhand items you purchase too so look beyond the face value of certain furniture pieces and think outside the box. With a little bit of work, items you purchase from flea markets and charity shops can be turned into something special.

Source: Lindsay Eidhal

3. Interior Design DIY

Art can bring life to a room but can be extremely expensive when it comes to one off pieces and limited prints. Why not paint your own and create some diy artwork? You don’t have to be a professional artist to create something unique and beautiful. You can also pick colors and subjects that complement the rest of the room to tie your design together. Browse art websites for inspiration for easy canvas art ideas and wall prints. If DIY artwork is not for you, there are hundreds of online retailers selling affordable framed art which can bring a room to life.

Source: Heather Levin

4. Transform your interior design with paint

Paint is a cost-effective way to transform a home and can be made to look elegant and expensive. A room can be quickly transformed by repainting walls but it is not only walls that can benefit from paint. Transform a room by repainting the ceiling, skirting boards or doors to refresh your interiors. You also do not need any special skills to do this yourself, which makes it a lot more affordable compared to wallpaper. Just like at, an accent wall is a great idea when looking to transform a room. They can easily provide a focal point and create depth and personality. Try an eye-catching color and tie it in matching accents of color in accessories. As an accent wall is such a small portion of the wall space you can easily repaint or cover the wall with something new when you want to.

Source: Dulux

5. Declutter your home like an interior designer

Minimalist house interiors are a cost-effective way to create fantastic spaces and can be easily achieved by removing unnecessary furniture and clutter. Decluttering makes spaces look larger and more elegant and costs nothing. If decluttering isn’t for you, there are thousands of storage design ideas too such as shelving and cabinets which can help you stylishly declutter a room without getting rid of anything. Vertical storage solutions can also create the illusion of minimalist design while being budget friendly and can fit in the smallest of spaces.

Source: Declutter Home

6. Accessorize your interiors

A great way to make interiors look expensive on a budget is to add expensive looking accessories around your home. Vases, candles, dried flowers and coffee table books can transform a space and can be budget friendly when found in the right place. Do not spend a fortune on candles. Invest in a candle holder which can be used again and again with cheap tealights or use pillar candles which can be found in supermarkets. Dried flowers and potted plants can also be found in larger supermarkets and can add dimension to a space while being budget friendly. Vases and coffee table books and be found second hand in flea markets and charity shops and can be layered together to be unique and complimentary to the rest of your room design.

Source: Emily Henderson