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Essential Autumn Winter 2019

28 November 2019

Essential Autumn Winter 2019 Design Trends

Essential Autumn Winter 2019 Design Trends

As sure as autumn follows summer and winter follows autumn, each season brings a new trend. People love updating their décor to reflect the season, complementing the colours and neutralising the harsher weather and low light. As autumn gives way to winter, it’s the ideal time to change your interior décor for one more befitting the season. This season’s emphasis is undoubtedly cosiness and comfort with some deep colours and some old favourites making a return.

Here is what is in store for the autumn-winter 2019 season. Maybe they will look great in your home?

Essential Autumn Winter 2019 Design Trends

Peacock Blue

We promised you deep colours and this is our first addition. Peacock is a wonderful rich shade of blue that we appreciate is not for everyone; It may be too dark for some interiors. That’s why designers strongly advise that you contrast with something a little lighter, like millennial pink. The two colours complement each other rather well. Peacock blue is a stunning shade for your curtains and soft furnishings like cushions, but do not be tempted to overdo it. Why not complete the look with some winter flowers? You’ll be amazed at how well it all goes together.

Essential Autumn Winter 2019 Design Trends


Few colours are as closely associated with autumn as purple thanks to its ancient pagan symbolism and as one of the rich foliage colours of some plants. Purple is closely associated with Christmas so it’s ideal for both autumn and winter and won’t look too festive way into the New Year. You also have a choice from the red tones like claret to pink shades like mauve, and the bluer Royal Purple. This colour scheme is going to be big this year as we’re sure you’re already noticing. It contrasts nicely with some neutral grey tone while still working with deep greens.

Essential Autumn Winter 2019 Design Trends


Metallics are always popular as Christmas and New Year approaches, but the last few years silver has been the festive vogue. That changes again this year as gold takes centre stage once more. The difference is that gold pops up in decorations where you don’t normally expect to find it. This year, soft floor coverings are gold as a primary colour or on trim, but also on more permanent flooring like tiling. The idea is to create a more vibrant and warmer tone to a room on the grey days and to take the harshness out of winter sunlight on clear days.

Essential Autumn Winter 2019 Design Trends

Layers Upon on Layers

You should certainly dress up in layers to cope with cold, but that isn’t what we mean here. This year, the contrast is to decorate not your body, but your home with layers. Overlapping rugs of complementary designs and colour schemes add to the autumn and winter cosiness. Don’t stop with your rugs either. This is a great season to warm up your home’s tones, adding light and colour to the dreary weather by layering up throws and cushions in strategic places. Ideal colour schemes do not clash, nor are they too similar. Amber goes well with blue, for example, and ideal autumn colours.

Essential Autumn Winter 2019 Design Trends

Don’t Underuse Neutrals

If neutral colours fill you with indifference, you are not the only one. But there is always something to be said for neutral colours and tones – they are ideal at any time of the year. If you find this year’s colour schemes stated above too loud, too intense, or just too much, then apply the principles with contrasting neutrals. Oatmeal, silver, grey will all go together well in certain combinations and will create just as warm and as cosy an environment. Neutral colours and shades work because they are not bold; learn to love them and they will look timeless.

Scandinavian Simplicity

It seems Scandinavian simple and clean lines are here to stay. Minimalism has its place and it continues to have a place in the typical home in the northern hemisphere. Ideal for small spaces, it’s not hard to see why this enduring style continues to be popular, particularly in the rest of Europe. Autumn and winter are, after all, the season of hygge. Go to town on neutral colours, reducing the clutter will not just reduce your cleaning stress levels, it will also create a more open and lighter environment.