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Flooring Trends

23 August 2018

Flooring Trends

Floors are an essential part and decision that we made while doing the interiors, they are used every day, and every space has different needs. Deciding on flooring is a balancing act as we need not just to consider the looks but also consider the practicality. A popular trend is to use the same flooring throughout the entire house or at least in the public places.

While flooring trend tends to stick around for some time, let look at few trends for your next project.

1. Tiles

As we all know is a versatile material that can be used almost in any of the space. Tiles come in various shapes, sizes, textures, patterns, etc. Tiles in a larger format than the standard 600 x 600 are growing in popularity. The most famous are the ones that look like a hardwood floor, it is durable and alternate to the actual floor. We have been lately seeing tiles that look like fabric, wood, cement, etc.
Pros of tiles are incredibly durable, lasts long, various shapes and sizes, cost-effective.
Cons would be grouts are not easy to clean and maintain, anything dropped on tile breaks, the surface is hard to stand for a long time.

2. Marble

The expensive option for flooring in interiors. Marble can elevate the appearance of a space giving it a regal bearing. The material comes in multiple colors, can be cut in various sizes. The natural look of marble is stunning.
Cons of the marble are it can be easily scratched and chipped if not correctly installed. Marble stains easily as it is a porous material. Can be slippery surface due to spillage. Also, they cost more even with a shorter lifespan.

3. Wood

The next most commonly used flooring. Each wood flooring types has a unique set of characteristics; there is no shortage of choices. Hardwood and laminate flooring are the common types; hardwood is solid wood that is durable and attractive, it can be resanded and refinished as many times. It does last for a lifetime if it does not get too wet.
Laminate flooring, on the other hand, a bit less expensive comes prefinished, easy to install.
Cons would be that wooden floors are required maintenance, should be moisture proof, wear out faster and needs a subfloor to be done for installation.

4. Carpet

We now get a lot many environment-friendly carpets and manufacturers are creating fiber options that give ultimate softness. Carpets are best options to have in the living room and bedrooms, also most suited for the colder regions. Regarding carpet styles, the current favorite is the cut and loop; also nowadays people match it with the interiors of the rooms. Plain carpets and pattern are in trend most of the times.
The disadvantage would be it is easily stained and difficult to maintain, wears out quickly and can be allergic at times.

5. Vinyl

Vinyl flooring is the artificial composite flooring. Vinyl is not the same as it used to be earlier, it has got more depth and texture today. It looks like hardwood, tile, stone, etc. and also comes in a variety of colors, is water resistant as well. The best part about this flooring is it is less expensive, easy to install and maintain, durable.
Cons of it are they do not stand up well on heavy loads and can be damaged by sharp objects. The colors also fade with too much exposure to sunlight and extreme temperatures. It is not recommended for the outdoors.

6. Epoxy

The latest addition to epoxy flooring, they are used in commercial and industrial spaces. They are applied on concrete floors to last for a long time and withstand heavy loads. It creates a high gloss surface, easy to clean and maintain; it is durable. Epoxy is combined with paints and colors, a very environment-friendly solution
The disadvantages are they tend to develop cracks and chip. It can be slippery, and the significant part is that it has a tedious process of preparation and application as it needs to be done right for it to sustain.

7. Cork

Cork is compressed into sheets bonded with resins. It is also a popular option for flooring in homes. Cork provides a soft surface that acts as a cushion and provides protection. Good insulator for sound, easy to clean, maintain and can be refinished periodically. Cork has its disadvantages in being prone to damage easily due to its properties. Too much of sunlight and water can discolor it and wrap it.

With so many options for flooring, it can be hard to choose the right flooring for your home. A good practice is to start with the latest trend and also to understand the requirement of the space.