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Home Automation

27 September 2018

Home Automation

Technology has boomed multiple times in the recent years. Everything seems to be getting smarter, more connected and our lives are made easier which is a blessing considering the fast-paced lives. We lead.

The home automation system is a technological solution that enables automating the bulk of electronic, electrical and technology-based tasks within a home. It uses a combination of hardware and software technologies that allow control and management over appliances and devices within a home.

Professional designers always ensure that their projects are aesthetically pleasing, but if a client requires automation, the designers need to be aware of all the options that are available and provide the best to the client.

Let us look at a few benefits of automation:

1. Controls at fingertip:

With a simple button click on your phone / iPad you can make the control the entire electronic appliances and lighting. You can always switch off the electrical appliances in case you have forgotten to turn it off, helping save electricity. Also, you can adjust the lights settings, music at specific times when your home, everything with just a click.

2. Secures home:

One of the main advantages of automation is the automated door locks. We can lock the doors through the system even if we have missed closing the door. Also, the fact is that it alerts if someone tries to enter your home when you are not there. Security cameras are also an additional security system to detect any unwanted movement at any time of the day or night and also records the same. As we cannot be everywhere all the time, we are connected through the camera and don’t miss home.

3. Temperature and Window adjustments:

When we adjust the thermostats for the AC temperature it usually takes time to increase or decrease. With a home automation system, you can change the thermostat from the convenience of your office before you head home. The system is very cost effective and saves on energy. Even the curtains and blinds of your windows can be controlled to adjust the natural light.

4. Saves Time, Energy and Money:

As everything is functional through technology, you don’t have to worry about running about to open the door when somebody arrives, switch off appliances if not turned off after leaving the room. The system certainly impacts your monthly bill; you have complete control by making sure costs are low and do not have to exert any additional efforts.

5. Keeps a tab on Children:

Especially when you have a baby, it helps lookout when they are awake or need you and not out of their cradle. Even with children, it helps to keep a tab if they leave the house or arrive home. It is quite helpful for busy parents.

6. Sets in your Interiors:

The best part is it is incredibly, and all the equipment is hidden and does not disrupt the décor of your home. We feel proud to show our homes when they are fully automated and can access all the electronics with just our phones/iPads. Quite cool.

As designers, we can convince and help our clients to find systems in their homes/offices that genuinely contribute to improving their lives in the long run.