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How to make a space look bigger

30 June 2021

How to make a space look bigger

One of the greatest assets an interior designer can have is to make any space look bigger than it really is. Small spaces can be transformed to look spacious with a few design-inspired tricks that are easy to implement by anyone. These tricks can be used anywhere!

1. Pick the right colors

Creating a larger room is all about creating an optical illusion. Light paint colors or light wallpaper make a room look bigger and brighter due to reflective properties, making a space feel larger by maximizing the effects of the color. Darker colors do the opposite by absorbing light, making a room feel smaller.

How to make a space look bigger Source: Nina Maya Interiors

2. Use lighting to make a room larger

The best lighting to make any room look larger is natural light. Large windows can create the illusion of your room being extended outwards, and you can make the most of this by pulling back curtains or window coverings. Try not to put too many items near the window as these will limit the amount of natural light in the room.

Not every room has the luxury of natural light, however, choosing the right artificial lighting can also have the same effect. Ceiling lights, lamps, backlights and dimmed evening lighting can also make a room look bigger.

3. Declutter to make the most of your space

One of the issues with small spaces is that they accumulate clutter very quickly, making the space feel even smaller. In order to make your room look larger, keep the space tidy and organized. This will make your space feel more open and spacious.

Other tips for minimalism in small rooms include not using large rugs to try and create the illusion of more floor space and to not clutter your walls, opt for one large piece of art apposed to multiple smaller pieces to make your room look bigger.

How to make a space look bigger Source: Pinterest

4. Have one focal point to make the room look bigger

We’ve discussed how clutter can make a room look smaller which seamlessly brings us onto our next point, having one focal point. Furniture is often one of the main aspects of interior design and by having one piece as a focal point guarantees to make your room look bigger. The purpose of the room will be an obvious indicator to which piece of furniture will be the focal point, for example in a bedroom, the bed will be the focal point, and in the dining room, the dining table will be the focal point. Having one focal point keeps the room decluttered and functional.

Keep other pieces of furniture and accessories to a minimum to avoid making the room feel smaller.

How to make a space look bigger Source: Mid City Interiors

5. Reflect the space

Mirrors are a great accessory which reflect light and create the illusion of a larger space. Mirrors reflect both natural and artificial light so are effective in the day and at night. The placement of your mirror can also determine how effective they are at making your space look bigger so consider what the mirror is reflecting and how much light the mirror is reflecting. Placing a mirror near a window can reflect natural light which is very effective.

Mirrored or glass furniture can also add a similar effect by offering a reflective surface for more light reflection.

How to make a space look bigger Source: Rose and Grey

6. Use stripes

Vertical or horizonal stripes makes a room feel longer, wider or taller. Paneling, striped patterns or tall furniture work well to elongate parts of a small room.

How to make a space look bigger Source: Pinterest

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