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Interior Design - Residential

8 August 2017

I was a student of Architecture. Quite frankly, I chose to be an architect because the school of Interior Design that I wanted to enroll to did not have room for another enrollee. It’s sad but it’s true. But despite the fact that I had to take calculous three times to finish my studies, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and, as if fate had something to do with it, I ended up working for an Interior Architecture firm. I am now working as an interior designer for a multi-national interior design company and I have been practicing Interior Design for 3 years.

Don’t get me wrong. Architecture is a very rewarding profession. Yet, there is this spirit that tells me that the path to breath taking Interior Design and Decoration is the course that I need to take. There is comfort in designing interiors that I cannot find anywhere else. I find solace in browsing through my interior design magazines early in the morning with my hot cup of coffee. And this is the life that I want to have for the rest of my days.

And here I am, fidgeting with my pen and trying to figure out what I have to write on this article. I was told once that the easiest way to share inspiration is to talk – or in this setting, write – about the things that you know most about. So I opted for a project that I am most comfortable with as I have been doing the same for the last 2 years. Residential Interiors.

Brief disclaimer: The contents of this blog is purely based on my own academic learning and my few years of experience as an interior designer. I recognize that each interior designer his own unique style and we are all working for the same purpose: to improve the aesthetics of interior spaces and to make them more functional, favourable and comfortable for the intended users.

An Interior Designer finds and applies inspiration in Residentials

There’s nothing that can oppose the fact that Interior Design is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. Interior Design is colors and texture and fabrics and flowers. And this is only the tip of the ice berg. At times, Interior Design is also history. Or art. Or nature. Or family.

Residential Design represents sanctuary

Residential Design represents sanctuary source: Fotolia

Residential Design represents identity

Residential Design represents  identity source: blogmida.com.br via Pinterest

Residential Design represents family Residential Design represents  family source: Fotolia

Residential Design represents kinship and community Residential Design represents  kinship and community. source: Fotolia

Residential = Home

Clients for residential projects are different. Some clients like modern. Some clients like rustic. Some like gold leafing and some like wooden finishes. Some clients like to show off and some clients just want comfort.

Some clients like luxury. And why not? I wouldn’t mind having a luxurious home. If you have it, flaunt it! Design by Katerine Pooley

Residential = Home source: deringhall.com via Pinterest

But at the end of the day, I believe that a residence is a refuge after a busy and stressful day. Have been involved in projects where clients primarily want to turn their mansions into shopping malls but there is always at least one space wherein they can just curl up in a ball and unwind. Suffice it to say; comfort is key when designing residentials.

Cozy furniture pieces are a must for every interior design home. Trendy designer chairs may be used to fashion a design character. But comfy sofa and chairs should always be present.

Cozy furniture pieces  source: theultralinx.com via Pinterest

And yes! A proper bed with a good mattress.

A proper bed with a good mattress. source: loombrand.com via Pinterest

Neutral Colors are popular in residential homes. Sure, pinks are more chosen for little girls’ bedrooms. But even for children’s rooms, this is not always the case. The main reason is that we spend most of our lives at home and the human tendency is to get tired of striking colors after some time. If a residential owner would prefer to avoid re-occurring paint jobs, having neutral backdrops is the way to go. Colors can come in the form of accessories or even in a few furniture pieces.

Neutral Colors source: digsdigs.com via Pinterest

Did you know that warm white is the best lighting option for a residential home? Warm lighting has a comforting effect on the human brain. So next time you have to select a lighting temperature for a house, make sure to specify with 2700 Kelvins.

Warm White source: homedeco.nl via Pinterest

Client’s style

Residential Interiors are always – ALWAYS – personal. There is a reason why this is the kind of project that always requires so many revisions. This is every individual’s representation. For some people, their home is their first huge investment, if not one of the first. A residential home always defines the owner it shelters. So as a designer, find a way to express this in ways that only designers can.

Some popular residential styles are shown below. There are hundreds of styles that I can mention but here are the most popular trends in the current time.


Contemporary source: jessicalagrange.com via Pinterest


Transitional source: diningandlivingroom.com via Pinterest


Minimalist source: blogydeco.blogspot.ae via Pinterest


Rustic source: homeadore.com via Pinterest


Eclectic source: magazinec.com via Pinterest

Home = Personal Space

The client’s personal touches should also be always welcomed into the design. It is an interior designer’s job to make provisions.


Bookshelves source: homeadore.com via Pinterest


Photographs source: thatkindofwoman.tumblr.com via Pinterest

Quirky Collections

Photographs source: abeautifulmess.com via Pinterest

Famous Residential Interior Designers

I’ve always wanted to be an interior designer. I think I have already made that clear. But my design style was sealed about 3 years ago when I saw this image in one of the books stacked in the office bookshelf.

Design Masterclass. source: luxxu.netvia Pinterest

Yes. It’s Kelly Hoppen’s book, “Design Masterclass.” I didn’t even know her back then. But her style just struck me in awe. I haven’t seen anything so elegant and timeless.

Kelly Hoppen’s contemporary style is known for its elegance and timeless beauty.

contemporary style source: mydesignagenda.com via Pinterest

Jean Louis Deniot is a master of transitional style. Many would refer to him as a traditional interior architect. But his design style fits into the modern generation like a Chanel glove.

master of transitional style source: deringhall.com via Pinterest

master of transitional style source: sarahsarna.com via Pinterest

Kelly Wearstler is known for her bold and daring design style. She pushes the residential interior design boundaries. The first of the residences she designed for was the Avalon hotel in Beverly Hillswhich with a style described in the press as "a playful take on mid-century modernism.”

bold and daring design style source: via Pinterest

house beautiful source: housebeautiful.com via Pinterest

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