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Latest Interior Designing Trends

3 May 2018

Latest Interior Designing Trends - 2018

Every year, interior design trends change always coming up with something unique and exciting to offer for homes; the home accessories and interior style. Last year it was all about tropical and jungle prints, but what does this year hold in the trend stakes?

From opulent marble to lush foliage; here’s a roundup of 2018’s interior design trends for you!

Dark Timber

Yes! It’s the dark side this time. Even though bleached and pale woods have always been popular but 2018 is all about dark wood tones showing a new way modern luxe whilst portraying glamour in its own way. Finishing touches of metallic handles and legs with it add more beauty and glamour. The blend of marble, black, brass, gold and walnut are some of the things that give an even more sophisticated feel to the dark trend which are already taking over completely!

Rich pigments

Many interiors still choose for neutral colors like grey but this year, bold is better. Brave color choices on furniture pieces like sofas as well as walls are in. the interior key colors of 2018 include striking emerald green, navy, purple and brooding violet making it into moody interiors that are more eminent than ever!


One of the must-have buys for homes is indeed humble houseplants this time. Drop to your local garden and invest in some stunning pieces of plants. Remember, the more the merrier! You can use them for shelves, mantelpieces, coffee/side tables, bare corners or even room as hanging plants. You add interest by teaming them with a textured rug, charming armchair, and stripy green cushions.

Metallic accents

We all know how luxe metallic touches have always been in the now and saying that their addition in home design is new might be wrong. However, this year it’s all about the difference in the metallic finish! Think more brass and less rose gold and copper. It is the most organic in the color palette of metals being truly sophisticated for mirrors, accessories and furniture pieces that gives a luxurious finish to rooms. Emerald green and pink shades accentuate brass tones quite nicely. Moreover, a good way to inject this new trend without having to spend on expensive furniture pieces is to add small accessories and lamps.

Shimmery floors

That definitely is a new concept; adding shimmer to carpets! The trend is great for spring and summer and continues to be an adaptable decorating style for all. The shimmery floor can be teamed with decorative paint effects and iridescent wallpapers. If you want to incorporate this look and still stay decent, pale blue and grey and pretty blush rose tones is a good choice.


There has been a huge rise in green marble searches according to Pinterest since the beginning of 2018. The marble effect finish for bed linen, lamps, wallpaper and all types of home accessories this season is the new thing. An on-trend touch can be adding marble effect cushions to similar color schemes.

Latest Interior Designing Trends - 2018

What do you think of these new concepts for 2018? Share your valuable thoughts and let’s discuss.

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