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Less is more

16 February 2017


"Less is more" – Mies Van Der Rohe

One of the main faces of modern interiors is the value of minimalism. In this day and age with a very fast paced way of living, it is not surprising to find the call for the simplest form of interior beauty and going back to basics. Humble as it seems, this interior design style evokes an unexpected stage of presence and elegance. It is the zen, the calm and uncomplicated nature of a minimalist environment that stuns every viewer and user in awe and excitement.

”I am convinced that a calm, quiet and harmonious interior can be as beneficial to health as a sensible diet and regular exercise” – Kelly Hoppen

Prominence and Distinction

The simple and pure nature of a minimalist environment makes it easier to stress a higher importance on the main features of a space. Unlike other forms of design styles, the minimalist approach does not confuse a viewer as to which wall to look first. It forces the eyes to look at what is most significant and unique.

This design scheme manifests the power of a minimalist environment to provoke greater emphasis on a main focal point.

Prominence and Distinction source: nyde.co.uk via Pinterest

The outstanding profiles of these arched windows and their harmonious rhythm are further enhanced by the simplicity of this environment. The natural wooden flooring and concrete ceiling compliment the main window features while keeping the whole scheme soft and quiet.

Prominence and Distinction Source: residencestyle.com via Pinterest

Minimalism does not always stick to analogous and neutral colour schemes. Pops of colours make an interior design more interesting and fun.

Prominence and Distinction Source. nyde.co.uk via Pinterest

Clean and Fresh

Minimalist Interiors is characterised by clean lines and simple silhouettes. Its aesthetics are derived from the its straightforward features and immaculate appearance.

The most distinguished feature of Minimalist Interiors is the absence of clutter. It creates a feeling of organisation and structure and promotes a healthier and a more zen lifestyle.

Clean and Fresh Source: decoholic.org via Pinterest

The simple nature of minimalist interiors never lets its humble form to fail to induce grandeur. In fact, it’s the exact opposite

Clean and Fresh source: archiproducts.com via Pinterest

A minimalist design scheme also feels fresh to the eye and, therefore suggests a clean and calm environment. This image shows a very feminine approach on minimalist interior design, breaking the white backdrop with clean and fresh pastels.

Clean and Fresh Source: mydomaine.com via Pinterest

Abstract and Geometric

Due to the modest spirit of the minimalist style, the holistic appearance of this scheme tends to present abstract and geometric features. Touches of geometry and playful lines are also sometimes added to break the simplicity and emptiness of this style.

The organic profile and random arrangement of this pendant lamp adds an interesting feature to an otherwise plain environment.

Abstract and Geometric Source: retaildesignblog.net via Pinterest

This image manifests the supremacy of geometric lines in the minimalist interior environment. The basic setting emphasizes the shape of the interior shell and presents a very interesting panorama.

Abstract and Geometric Source: homedsgn.com via Pinterest

Lighting enhances the presence of geometry. It emphasizes the crisp lines and the unexpected corner accents while serving in itself as one of the main features of design.

Abstract and Geometric Source. Decoextra.com via Pinterest

Minimalist style does not only settle with straight lines. This spiral staircase provides a sense of flow in the space and creates a pleasant surprise and variation. The metal finish also generates an interesting contrast against the white background.

Abstract and Geometric Source: homeadore.com via Pinterest

An Element of Nature

Minimalist style, in its purest form, can appear cold and bare. Yet, this quality gives decent room to introduce colour, pattern and texture which take the centre stage when placed in a stark but welcoming setting.

Given this idea, adding the element of natural materials enhance the calmness and aesthetics of the minimalist style. The subtle presence of nature in a living space adds warmth and friendliness without discounting the purity and zen of minimalism.

This timber panel creates a silent, yet welcoming backdrop to the interior landscape. Its quiet presence gives a subtle reminder of nature and compliments the presence of the art and flora.

An Element of Nature Source: talispace.wordpress.com via Pinterest

The element of wood gives warmth to this otherwise stark setting

An Element of Nature source: witanddelight.tumblr.com via Pinterest

Stone gives an interesting texture in a minimalist scheme while giving a hint of nature to the subliminal. Stone comes in different colours and texture and gives an interior designer a huge range of options and creative freedom. This precious stone wall cladding definitely steals everyone’s thunder. Setting this material in a minimalist environment definitely requires every other element to appear simple and subdued.

An Element of Nature Source: hgtv.com via Pinterest

Travertine, on the other hand gives a soothing calm feeling in a space. It promotes peace and relaxation and is definitely a silent but influential element in an interior design setting.

An Element of Nature Source: archdaily.com via Pinterest

Metallic features give a feeling of masculinity in a space. The presence of this material usually gives an element of surprise as this is not a conventional interior design feature. While stainless steel enhances a cold nature inside a space, copper, as in this image, presents warmth and modern innovation.

An Element of Nature Source: oxforddesignstudio.wordpress.com via Pinterest

Suffice it to say, interior design is not all about the mix and match of materials and interior elements. It is choosing to promote what is necessary and eliminating what is not. It is a creative process of creating an emotion to the subliminal.

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