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MEP Services are important

30 August 2018

MEP Services are important

MEP these alphabets might seem obnoxious, but they are essential. These acronyms stand for mechanical, electrical and plumbing, which are an integral part of building services.
If we take it in simple words, the primary structural and functional aspect of buildings are laid by MEP services. These services are addressed together due to the high level of interaction between them and to avoid any conflicts in their routing and location.

M – Mechanical

Mechanical systems are mostly related to air conditioning, heat and ventilation systems, noise and smoke control. MEP engineers are consulted for these works; they work in coordination with the interior designer. The engineer's design and install various heating and cooling systems to provide comfort to the habitats of the building. Smoke controls are taken care for safety purpose.

E – Electrical

Electrical services include main power distribution, small power supplies, fire and security systems, lighting, IT installation and telecommunication are also part of this engineering. This service varies and depends on projects and the requirements, but a project is incomplete without electrical works. They offer environment-friendly as well as energy efficient solutions.

P – Plumbing

Plumbing may seem insignificant, but they play a critical role in health and safety. Domestic incoming water supply, drainage system, installing water pumps, boilers these are the works the plumbers carry out. Proper routing and systems are vital to good plumbing work.

MEP engineers

All these 3 services need to be carried out by MEP consulting engineers to ensure it is well installed and identify its faults and correct its performance. The engineers provide designs that ensure maximum lifecycle of a project and offer long-term, cost-effective solutions. Minimization of safety hazards and installing the modern functionality are also characteristics of the best MEP service provider. Hence they are essential for each project for consultation.

Huge projects have hardware and software network systems which control the entire building MEP. Interactions between building systems can be especially challenging to coordinate when the design process is isolated, and equipment location conflicts are very likely.
MEP services provide the durability, just as your interiors are necessary to make your office have an outstanding impression. MEP design software is used to produce the design it can be 2D or 3D. These drawings can be conserved as a reference for maintenance activities and can be updated along with the project during a major renovation.

In a way, MEP engineering service is an investment for your interior project. You pay for a service, and in return, it takes care of optimizing the interiors through its entire service life.