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Essential Guide to Interior Design

28 January 2021

Our Essential Guide to Interior Design Trends in 2021

Our Essential Guide to Interior Design Trends in 2021 Source: Michelle Harris

No one could have predicted the events that occurred in 2020 and the long-lasting effect it would have on us all. Thankfully, there is light on the horizon, with the new vaccines being rolled out and life slowly, but surely, returning to normal. Like every historical event, the pandemic has influenced every industry including interior design. Here is what we predict will be a 2021 interior design trend.

Multifunctional Homes

Working from home became the norm in 2020, and there was a demand for homes to be highly functional. People were taking inspiration from interior design trends while finding their own interior design styles and combining those with functionality. This trend is likely to mature in 2021. We are going to see more multifunctional spaces in 2021 as people double up the use of typical spaces such as lounges into home offices. Home office design ideas will be at the forefront of interior design this year. Zoning spaces for different functions will also be popular in 2021 and we are going to see more entertainment and ‘chill out’ areas in the home, with an emphasis on cozy interior design. Textures and textiles will be at the forefront of cozy interior design ideas to create stress relieving spaces to disconnect. To make these spaces multifunctional, were likely to see multifunctional furniture being used so keep your eyes peeled for the latest furniture trends.

Our Essential Guide to Interior Design Trends in 2021 Source: Ehka Studio

Home Office Space

The majority of us have worked from home at some point over the last year, sparking higher interest in having a home office. Having a dedicated workspace is essential to stay productive and segregate work time from family time and more people than ever before are looking for dedicated spaces to work within their own homes, With space for home offices being tight for some, space saving home ideas are at the forefront of home office trends for 2021. We’re going to see people transform tight spaces into functional spaces for work, providing segregation and multifunctional spaces. Home office design ideas are likely to be an extension of the already established design of the existing room.

Our Essential Guide to Interior Design Trends in 2021 Source: Credit Crate

Grandmillennial Design

“Grandmillennial” is the term for those millennials at the older end of the generation scale. This is a generation are starting to settle down, build their careers and buy their own homes. With an eye for striking visuals, grandmillenial style is what others might consider as old-fashioned. This is a generation brought up with upcycling, simple home makeovers, and basic crafts, however this is also the Instagram generation. With more influence of grandmillenial décor online, were seeing a lot more of this interior design style in 2021.

Expect to see more of the below:

  • Chintz
  • Wicker
  • Treillage
  • Decoupage

When placed together with complementing colours and styles, it is both modern and classic.

Our Essential Guide to Interior Design Trends in 2021 Source: CR Laine

Wallpaper is Back

In 2012, media said wallpapers “heyday is over” as interior designers preferred limited use of wallpaper and colour blocked painted walls. Wallpaper is back in 2021, but not like you’ve seen before. Now, it is all about statement walls and striking focal points in a room or zone. Create backdrops for furniture combos, draw the eye towards shelving, or something interesting to look at over dinner. Also, peel and stick wallpaper is proving popular for many renters looking for affordable and non-permanent ways to decorate. We can apply wallpaper on an accent wall in a modern dining room, office wall décor or have a wall combination for living room.

Our Essential Guide to Interior Design Trends in 2021 Source: Jennison Interiors

Biophilic Design

This simple term means bridging the gap between outside and inside. Green spaces are not just aesthetically pleasing, they are good for mental wellbeing when being confined to inside the home. As people are spending more time inside than ever before, bringing the outside in is a definite trend of 2021. Real or artificial house plants are proven to reduce stress and anxiety, so expect to see a lot more indoor plants this year. Plants for home décor do not always have to be physical either! Tropical home décor has been popular over the last few years and this will only increase in 2021, expect more tropical leaf prints and green tones. Biophilic design ideas are being incorporated into all rooms in the home, in small and big ways, but this trend isn’t to everyone’s taste. Another way to incorporate the outdoors is to add large light-welcoming patio doors which also bring greenery closer to our homes. Either way, Interior designers are going to be incorporating a lot more plans in their designs in 2021.

Our Essential Guide to Interior Design Trends in 2021 Source: pietra bianca

Colour Combo for Maximum Pop

2021 is the year of wall colour combinations, but interior design is still not letting go of neutrals If you’re looking for the best colour combination for a living room, take basic colours such as grey, white and cream and combine them with pops of bold colour such as deep blue, bright yellow or orange. Interior paint designs this year will be about contrast, bucking the trend of calming shades from recent years. There will be far less fear when using colour this year, in an attempt to bring joy back to gloomy spaces.

Our Essential Guide to Interior Design Trends in 2021 Source: Wayfinder Hotel

2021: Everything Changed

Interior design is going to see a lot more personality in 2021 compared to 2020 due to the amount of time were all spending at home. More people than ever before are going to be investing in their homes and spaces. Our focus this year is going to be on functionality, colour and stress relieving elements.