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Spring 2019 Décor Trends

29 May 2019

Etsy is a global brand today, one of the world’s biggest trendsetters in interior design. Each year, they release a list of what’s trending based on the most popular designs from their shops. This year, the site has gone all out, using the latest technology analytical methods to examine both those appearing most often in searches and the terms customers are searching. It’s an exciting time and we can finally reveal the results.

What is clear is that “maximalism” is the design trend for the year. This is about bold statements through colour and patterns and acknowledging that we like to own things that bring us pleasure.

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Animal Print

Animal print has always been popular on clothing and bedding. But now it is branching out into other areas such as cushions and throws, and even wall art prints. Popular animals include the world’s most colour creatures such as flamingos and parrots, and big cats with their striking appearance. Classic types of animal print also remain popular, proving this as a timeless design.

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Back to the 70s with Tie Dye

One of the great surprises of the list is a returning trend from the 1970s. The first quarter of 2019 saw over 260,000 searches for this type of design showing a major return. Also, over 1.7m searches were for “1970s designs”. Tie dye is a pattern of tightly woven fabric designed to resist dyeing. The result is complex patterns and colour mixes. Popular searches include soft furnishing and clothing, but Etsy is also seeing the print style on household items such as mirrors. The only difference is in the colour scheme. Pastels are proving popular right now.

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Crystal Healing

Crystals are pretty; some people believe they have the ability to heal. What is not in doubt is how the use of crystals can improve a home’s appearance. Over 60,000 searches for crystals. They’re quite diverse too, covering everything from decorative doorknobs and dresser handles, even replacement handles for your common kitchen utensils.

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Cutting Out the Shapes

There has been a long-term trend for “terrazzo” – pre-cast tiles with stone chips and design patterns that mimic the effect – is declining in popularity right now. Rising in popularity to fill the gap are simple cut out shapes, mostly searched for through such terms as “abstract prints”. Prints are often designed to look like simple shape puzzles, used elegantly and to good effect. It’s a great balance of the new trend for maximalism while paying homage to the minimalist modernism that has been so popular for the last few years.

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Desert Décor

Rugged, earthy colours are in right now and none more so than those we associate with the desert. Most popular is turquoise, a precious light blue stone found in the desert, and also the colour of Egyptian faience, one of world’s oldest forms of ceramic. “Desert colours,” was also popular as were sunset colours. People are going for a natural look, juxtaposing the vibrant greens and blues with the more earthy tones already mentioned.

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Glam Deco

It’s not only the 70s that are back in vogue, so are the 50s and 60s. Yes, the mid-century aesthetic has been modernised. It’s an ideal type of interior décor because it exudes the minimalism that was popular until just recently. But now, they’ve been given the maximalist look. These design types are most obvious in soft furnishings and fabrics but has also made its way into metallics – perhaps the most iconic design trend of the mid-century period.

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Wallpaper Everywhere

What’s so new about wallpaper? Well, not much. We know how powerful it can be to change a room’s appearance quickly and substantially while doing nothing else with the room. The new trend though is to put wallpaper in places it’s never gone before. Now, it’s going on wooden staircases and even on edges of furniture such as wardrobes and cabinets. How does Etsy know where their shoppers are putting wallpaper? Mostly because of the search terms used. “Peel stick wallpaper” searches have skyrocketed in the last year, so have decals for flooring and stairs. Finally, stick tiles are becoming popular once again.