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Stylish Living Room Idea

10 May 2018

Stylish Living Room Idea for Small Places

Even if you are living in a small place that you own or rent, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a simple one with no crown molding. You can personalize your home’s most lived in place and work on it beautifully. The living room should act as an entertainment and relaxation space, regardless of its size. Here are few stylish ideas and best décor tricks for you to make it look more spacious!

Work Your Weird Angles

Working with an odd space can be challenging and baffling to decorate. You need to make the weird wall if you have any, a focal point. Also, in an oddly shaped area, you can establish a center point with bold patterns to place the sofa.

Embrace Your White Walls

White walls are always elegant and never out of style. Embracing them and pairing your furniture with it is a great way to make your living room look larger and feel brighter. You can even add splashes of texture and a range of colorful accents in furnishings as well as houseplants.

Decorate with Mirrors

Mirrors are often strategically placed in small places by designers to give a larger feel to it. One of the most common ideas in terms of a mirror in living rooms includes hanging it in a central location in order to add a nice ambiance, reflect light and create a focal point. The light source can be placed behind a pendant lamp or a candle. You can also try positioning the mirror across from a window so it will give another window’s illusion by reflecting the view.

Hang Curtains High

A room has a horizontal and a vertical dimension. You can make the most of the ceiling ( if its high) by decorating it in a way that the eye is drawn upwards just like floor-to-ceiling drapes. But the best way to create height in small places and impart airiness is by hanging the curtains above the window. You can keep the design simple and add fabric more for giving a rich look.

Choose Furniture with a Lightweight Appearance

Consider the visual weight when shopping for furniture. This concept is based on color, design, and size. Heavier ones will constrict the space so picking out pieces with lightweight appearance is by far a better option. Opt for pieces with legs rather than boxy ones, choose pale colors and avoid darker tones. Wooden tables take up more visual space compared to glass coffee and end tables and one can see through them. The area will eventually look stylish and open if furnishings don’t obstruct the view.

Stop Living Dorm-Style

Here’s the thing, your living room should not scream a teenager’s place. It should be stylish instead and adulating the place is important. A smart idea is to keep a floating desk in the room with built-in drawers used as storage or a bike used as a decorative wall hanging- bike shelf with wheels high up to make the overall look appealing.

What do you think of these small space ideas? Share your valuable thoughts and let’s discuss.