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Summer Style interiors

2 August 2018

 Tips for Summer Style interiors

Summer has arrived, and you can make your homes livable with these aesthetics and fresh ideas. It can be in forms of colors, greens or fabric. The main objective is to clear out the clutter and bring freshness and life during the warmer months.
Here are a few trends that can help your household breathe easy in this hot weather.

1. Minimal

Minimal design is a fad that has lasted and will continue to do so for times to come. Mostly cluttering of too many things at home, gives a quite cramped feeling. Clean straight lines, less furniture gives a feeling of space and openness. This is also helpful in small areas in the house and while applied in large spaces it gives a magnitude. All we suggest is keep it simple.

2. Neutrals with Pop of Color

Neutral shades are the color of the season. Whites are the ones majorly used in this season be it in paint/fabric etc. White spaces are always an attraction to everyone but adding a pop of color brightens up the whole place. A tint of bold color can be added in form of an accent wall or wallpaper or furniture or upholstery or rugs, through this the color really shines in the room.

3. Go Green

Green walls have been the latest trends since the last year. A traditional route that almost anyone can go for it to have green plants in the house. Greens have a soothing effect and help create a serene environment in the house. By adding plants in the house, you not only get clean air inside but also bring life to the house.

4. Natural elements

The natural materials like stones, greens, woods add to the calmer, cool environment in the house. It can be used in the form of wooden flooring, furniture’s, accessories, table tops etc.

5. Natural lighting

Natural light makes the room look brighter, try to attain this by having maximum windows.
Big windows, strategically placed mirrors, skylights are great ways to get the summer light inside the house.

6. Fabrics & Drapes

Cotton, linen, sheers are to go for materials in the summer. Whites and neutrals are crisper but a bit of color, florals, pattern bring in the drama without being too heavy. The fabrics are light, elegant, and drapes especially allow as much as light inside the home as possible.

7. Metals

Metals have their own elegance and decadence in which they add to the atmosphere of the house. You can add it in form of frames, pendant lights, accessories, door knobs and handles and make a cool statement.

8. Recycle

It is always good to recycle things at home and reuse it with a new look and feel. You can paint them or resurrect through DIY décor. At times these things bring in a new life at home.

9. Get Indoors Outdoors

Transform your outdoors or balcony into a liveable space. Decorate it with seatings, tables so family and friends can gather for a good meal in the evening. Lights, laterns in the outdoor can add to the complete setting .