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Transform your outdoor space

28 July 2021

Transform your outdoor space with these tips

With the arrival of warmer weather, it is the perfect time to spend more time outdoors in your garden. More people will be socializing this summer compared to last year which makes it the perfect time to transform your outdoor space to make it the perfect relaxation/ entertainment space. Bringing your indoor style and comforts into your garden will seamlessly connecting the two, transform your living space and maximize the space you have. Here are just some of the things you should consider:

Outdoor Textures & Materials

Just like interior design, designing your outdoor space requires planning and lots of choices. It is also important to create and interior and exterior connection. Choosing textures and materials is one element you need to consider. Consider luxurious but resilient materials like teak, wicker and rope and then furnish these with interesting fabrics that compliment your indoor fabrics.

Expert tip: Choose plants and flowers which also complement your fabric color to create an environment which is welcoming and relaxing.

How to make a space look bigger Pic. Credit: Rajni Alex

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture can come in all shapes and sizes and there are endless options to cater to every need. For small spaces opt for a few key elements on your porch or patio. Chic bean bags, cushions and potted plants can make small outdoor spaces feel cozy and welcoming. For larger spaces there are more options depending on what you want to use the space for. Just like an opening living indoor space you can separate your outdoor space for different functionalities, think dining space, relaxation space and open space.

Expert tip: Just like indoors, don’t over clutter spaces as this will make your space look smaller and less organized.

How to make a space look bigger Pic. Credit: Cocowolf

Outdoor Lighting

You may think that lighting does not matter in an outdoor environment, however as the summer nights arrive you may want to spend time outdoors in the evening and into the night, therefore you need to think about your outdoor lighting and accessories. The importance of lighting is to create a desired atmosphere and this can be achieved through candles, lanterns or ambient lighting fixtures.

Expert tip: use multiple lighting option to create ambiance.

How to make a space look bigger Pic. Credit: Ania

Outdoor Flooring options

When you think about designing your outdoor space you need to consider the flooring. There are endless options when it comes to outdoor flooring including grass, artificial grass, patio tiles or gravel, choose what’s right for you based on how much time you have for maintenance. You do not have to go for the textbook grey, black or neutral tile either, there are plenty of eye-catching options to make your space unique. There are also temporary flooring options such as outdoor rugs. Choose a material that compliments your furniture options and your interior design.

Expert tip: You can have multiple flooring options to create dimension and interest.

How to make a space look bigger Pic. Credit: Old+Brand+New

Something special

If you have the space, think outside the box and add something special to your outdoor space. Outdoor bars are great for entertaining and allow you to do more food preparation outdoors, hammocks are a great unique addition, allowing you to create an exotic oasis in your own garden and garden firepits encourage extended evenings outdoors.

Expert tip: Your unique feature doesn’t have to be the focal point.

How to make a space look bigger Pic. Credit: Pinterest

Your outdoor space does not have to be separate from your indoor home. By adding some unique touches and utilizing your outdoor space it can become and extension of your indoor home.

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