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ADVANCED MODULE: Commercial Design in Interior Design


Commercial Design in Interior Design

AED 660

Commercial Interior Design has undergone a revolutionary change in recent years. The module opens the gate to the world of commercial design and commercial decoration with a focus on design parameters, the scope of services, and the latest trends of business space. The chapters take you through the relationship between interior design and commercial spaces addressing different commercial design needs.

We start by understanding the organizations and their operating model to increase productivity, engagement, loyalty through the various design features. The design of any commercial space is complex and requires a lot of attention to details and careful examination.

Designer’s services include analyzing client’s needs, conceptualizing ideas, controlling the budget, overseeing the design process and implementing the project, it is a complete package. We always need to bridge the gap between the client’s business and reality.

We also learn here how the design parameters make us take design decisions and plan for the most successful outcomes. Colors, acoustics, materials, and technology etc. make it a collaborative task for sustainability and flexibility. Different category of spaces needs to be considered differently to best design them. There is an uprising trend and movement in commercial interior design, and this will continue as the designers become all the more passionate and want to redefine commercial spaces.

Module Outline

  1. Introduction: Commercial Design in Interior Design
  2. Physical Space as a Business Tool
    • Influence of Interior Design on Business Performance
    • Understanding the Client’s Business
  3. Measuring Interior Design Impact on Business Performance
    • Client Analysis & Target Audience
    • Ergonomics
    • Branding
    • Ambience
    • Operational Model
  4. Commercial Design Scope of Services
    • Research & Brief Development
    • Interior Design Consultancy
    • Client Engagement & Change Management
  5. Commercial Design Parameters
    • Functionality & Flexibility
    • Identity & Authenticity
    • Materials & Finishes
    • Color & Light
    • Acoustics
    • Technology & Innovation
  6. Types of Commercial Design Spaces
    • Leisure
    • Retail
    • Office
    • Healthcare
  7. Commercial Design Trends
    • Biophilic Themes
    • Residential Themes
    • Multipurpose Themes