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Module 6: Furniture, Fixture and Equipment

Module 6

Furniture, Fixture and Equipment

An F. F. and E schedule – which stands for Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment – refers to all the furniture, materials, flooring, lighting and more that are specified for an interior design project, listed and scheduled in order of when they will be delivered and installed. A Furniture and fixtures list is essential to any interior design project.

Furniture has been an integral part of any interior environment and dates back as far as the Stone Age. Every piece of furniture has gone through advancements, developments, style changes in design and materials through each era until now. The same has been reflected in the course and further classified in various categories. When ready-built furniture is not suitable for a space-planning project, interior designers may choose to design furniture for that area. Many times, custom furniture is designed with client specifications and project requirements in mind.

Developing an F. F. and E. schedule for every interior project ensures nothing is left to chance and that the project will run smoothly and according to plan, avoiding delays and potential budget blow-outs. This is especially important when designing complex spaces in the home such as kitchens and bathrooms, or on large commercial projects where many trades are involved and need to be scheduled to arrive on site and complete their jobs in the correct order. When preparing a schedule, you will also need to consider factors such as drying times for painting and tiling, and the time carpet needs to settle after it's laid before furniture delivery. Every material has its own strength and weaknesses, so designers must be aware of each’s characteristics.

Accessories and works of art, especially in architecture and interior design has been the staple of any interior environment. Every space has its own architectural features, designers make use of these features to select and display the right objects so that they make a focal point and enhance the style of the room.

This module will walk you through the subject of F. F. and E. and the methods of selection and specification of furniture, finishes, floor coverings, window treatments, lighting and all other elements included in your overall interior scheme. In all the above, it is vital to source and identify suppliers and manufacturers for each and every product so that the client is delivered the best of the products as per the delivery schedule.

Also included in this module is a guide to furniture classifications, designing bespoke furniture and developing an accessory scheme, as well as a guide to the selection of artworks in an interior environment to personalize the space.

Interior design influencer content

As part of a furniture, fixtures and fittings module, interior designer Nina Takesh offers exclusive insights into the following aspects of the topic:

  • What is the role of furniture in Interior Design, and how has it evolved through history?
  • What is the process/criteria of furniture selection?
  • What is the significance of accessories in interior design?

Module Outline

  1. Furniture Classifications
    • Historical Classification
    • Furniture Timeline
    • Purpose Classification
  2. F. F. and E. Selection
    • F. F. and E. Definition
    • F. F. and E. Selection
  3. Designing Bespoke Furniture
    • Human Ergonomics
    • Selection of Materials
  4. Accessories
    • Developing an Accessory Scheme
    • Works of Art