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Module 1: Interior Design In Context

Module 1

Interior Design in Context

What precisely is Interior Design and what will your role be as a professional interior designer? Research has shown that human beings spend almost 90% of their lives indoors. Efficient and aesthetically pleasing interior environments are therefore vital to enhance our lifestyles and our well-being. Successful interiors not only look good, but they also feel good and function well. Creating such environments, in the home, the workplace, educational institutions, holiday resorts, bars, restaurants and more is the work of the interior designer.

As an interior designer, you will have the opportunity to enhance people's lives in so many ways, you will embark on a constant and exciting learning curve as you keep up with new materials, products, styles, and trends, and you will have all the skills you need to start your own business. If you have a spark of creativity, good communications skills and are organized and able to plan logically you too can become an interior designer, as all you need is a willingness to learn the processes involved.

Introduction to our interior design online course

This unit features an introduction to interior design, with a holistic overview, investigating its core importance and ways in which it can improve people's lives, not just on an aesthetic level but a practical one as well. The unit also outlines the need to study Interior Design using a structured approach and the many advantages and opportunities to be gained by choosing Interior Design as a profession. The module contains important interior design tips for beginners, to teach you exactly what interior design is and why it’s important.

There are many areas of Interior Design you may eventually choose to specialize in; however, all fields of Design involve a process of systematic decision-making that evolves from an initial idea to a fully developed concept. Learning this essential process of Interior Design takes us from being creative and imaginative individuals to competent professionals able to meld creativity with functionality to fit the need of the end users of any interior project.

Your journey through this course also starts in the first unit with a look at what lies ahead in Interior Design, from the increasing importance of social impact and environmental responsibility to the impact of technology on both Interior Design projects and how you will work as an interior designer using online tools to present your concepts to your clients.

The first unit covers the professional organizations around the globe available to interior designers. At the conclusion of this course, joining one of these organizations will give you the credentials you will need to liaise with trade-only suppliers and launch your own interior design business. They will also offer you ongoing professional support and the ability to meet and network with other interior designers.

Interior design influencer content

Our first module contains an exclusive video from Noor Chafcharchi, CEO and founder of London based, Celine interior designs. Noor gives professional insights into the context of interior design in an interactive video. Celine covers the below questions in the module:

  • Why is Interior Design so important?
  • How is a design considered successful?
  • What is the future of design thinking?

Module Outline

  1. Definition of Interior Design
    • Interior Design Definition
    • Scope of Services
  2. Purpose of Interior Design
    • Planned Purpose and function
    • Design Aesthetics
    • Budget
    • Social Responsibility
  3. Profession of Interior Design
    • Professional liaison
    • Residential Interior Design
    • Non-residential Interior Design
  4. Future of Interior Design
    • Professionalism
    • Social Impact and Environmental Responsibility
    • Accountability
    • User Participation
    • Technology
  5. Professional Organizations in Interior Design
    • Professional Organizations