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Module 12: The Business and Profession of
Interior Design

Module 12

The Business and Profession of Interior Design

The profession of Interior Design does not end only with a career in a design and construction firm, it has a broader scope. The profession is a profitable one and lets one explore their forte in their own field of interest.

While there are many exciting career paths in interior design, most interior designers still decide to specialize in more than one area of practice and the embark on setting up an interior design business. One needs an understanding of the subject and the passion for making it as a career of being creatively different. Regardless of how interior designers choose to operate as sole traders within their field, it is essential that they employ a variety of skills while fulfilling their professional responsibilities.

In this last module, we show the students that these fundamental skills are useful to the corporate world of professional designers to understand how to start an interior design career. We begin with teaching how an interior design business is formed, the operation and the responsibilities towards the work. The module gives a complete detailed analysis starting from the process of billing the client to prepare estimates and bill of quantities. An interior designer scope also entails one to charge for site supervision and F.F&E budgets. Value engineering implementation facilitate project execution in a much schematic manner. A balance between schedule, price, and quality would be ideal in any interior project, although it is understandably difficult to attain in equal amounts.

To take the business to the next level; one needs to reach out to the audience looking for your service. Building a client base is important for a business to grow in the long term, and it needs to understand the current market trends, social media, and digital marketing strategy. The design is a trend-based business and one needs to keep up with what is new and exciting on the market in all fields of building and furnishing in order to understand how to create an interior design portfolio.

There is an endless variety of roles that this field has to offer, starting from interior designer to furniture designer, stylist, or even writing blogs/articles for magazine and media. Every career path leads to progression within this industry.

Overall, this module covers the full spectrum of the professional interior design business from setting up a portfolio, understanding the profession of Interior Design and the rules to consider in practicing, marketing skills and up to the point of setting up an Interior Design business.

Our Institute prides itself on involving professionals in the business formation field and honored to take each trainee through every step of their journey in starting up their own business.

Interior design influencer content

Module 12 contains professional interior designer influencer content from professional interior designer, Suzanne Coleman. Suzanne is a US based interior designer with an extensive portfolio. In this module, Suzanne offers insights on:

  • How to setup and run an Interior design business?
  • What marketing strategies can be used to gain clients?
  • How to determine the fees and charge a client for a project?

Module Outline

  1. Business Practices
    • Responsibilities of a Sole Trader
  2. Cost Estimates, Consulting fees and value engineering
    • Material Estimates and Bill of Quantities
    • Costing of Works for Built Construction
    • Costing of Works for F.F. and E. Charging for Client Briefs
    • >
    • Design Fees
    • Fees for Site Supervision and Inspection
    • Schedule of Fees
  3. Marketing and Promotion
    • Client Relations and Networking
    • Portfolio Management
    • Marketing Methods
    • Identifying Potential Clients
  4. Supplier Liaison
    • Sourcing Suppliers
    • Procurement
    • Environmental Design Concepts
    • Setting Up a Trade Account
  5. Identifying Career Opportunities